Advertising on the Cranbury Website

By placing your advertising in one or more of the Cranbury Lions' sponsored locations, you are not only helping your business, you are helping your community. After our minimal expenses are covered, all advertising revenue is channeled back into the community.

The Cranbury Lions sponsor and maintain the Cranbury Website ( Our site has been averaging nearly 10,000 hits a year. We offer affordable advertising on the Cranbury Website, as well as Placemat ads.

Simply print and fill out this pdf form and send it in with your payment.


Website Listing - $50 per year

This donation to the Lions Club will get the advertiser 4-5 lines on a "Shared Page" showing their Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address, and link to their Web Site.

Placemat Ad - $50 per year

The Placemat is used at every one of our meetings, as well as at our annual pancake breakfast, the Golden Age luncheon, and other community functions requiring food service.

Although regrettable, we must state the following: The Cranbury Lions are not responsible for typographical errors; all errors will be corrected as soon as possible after notification by the advertiser. The Cranbury Lions are not responsible for misuse of web information by third parties, known or unknown

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Document last modified October 8, 2017