Cranbury Lions Club

Pictures of Lions Club Members

These are some pictures of Cranbury Lions during some of their events. Click on a picture to see it in full size

Installation Dinner with Passing of the Gavel - June 18, 2014 Video and President Fay Kobland recaps some of the club's accomplishments for the year Video

Lions Clubs International Convention in Toronto, Canada - July 4-8, 2014 Video

2014 Student Awards - May 21, 2014 Video

66th Annual Pancake Breakfast - December 8, 2013 Video

2012 Peace Poster Contest
First Place - Amy Huang, Second Place - Claire Xu, Third Place - Alexandrea Ciardella

2012 Pancake Breakfast Video

Meeting 10/17/2012
Girl Scout Meeting with guest speaker Lion Dr. Susan Genco, Cranbury School Administrator. Dr. Genco spoke on the "State of the Cranbury School".

Meeting 9/5/2012
Left to right, Attendance awardees, Mr. Mark Jones, President of the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro spoke about the new facility.

Meeting 8/15/2012
Jay Burnhan from Trenton Thunder.

80th Anniversary Celebration 6/30/2012
Left to right, Past President and Region Chair Dave Shaffer was awarded his first Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship Award.
Presentation of Longevity Awards to Lions Craig Gilbert and Gordon Stults, each celebrating 50 years.
Presentation of Longevity Award to Lion Bub Danser who has been a Cranbury Lion for SIXTY years!
Council Chair Bob Virgadamo was presented a pin for his 10th PMJFA.
Lion Fay Kobland was awarded a "Special Award for Service".
Induction of Kim Borden by District Governor John Kobland.

80th Anniversary Wine Label Contest
Left to right, First Place by Casey Koehler, Second Place by Katie Gavenda, Third Place by Devon Langdon Chambers

2012 Memorial Day Post Parade Ceremony Video

Meeting 2/15/2012
Guest speaker was Harry Fini, owner of Life Saver Living Solutions.

Meeting 2/1/2012
Boy Scout meeting with guest speaker Kathy Easton and induction of Pramod Chivate.

District 16-D Leadership Training - 1/7/2012
Cranbury Lions Bob Virgadamo, Fay Kobland, John Kobland, and Dave Shaffer attend the training session led by DG Doug Reeder.

Marine's Toys for Tots Appreciation Dinner
Left to right, Marines attending the banquet, some Marines with Lions Neile Wright and Bob Virgadamo

Dedication of bench in memory of Teddy Nikitiades - Dec. 13, 2011 Video and Photos

2011 Pancake Breakfast Video and Photos

Halloween Pumpkin Carving - 10/28/2011 What a FUN time with loads of PUMPKINS!

Memorial Day Parade 5/30/11

Meeting 5/4/2011
Guest speaker Rev. Karen Mitchell, Rector of St. David's Episcopal Church of Cranbury

Joint Zone Meeting/Lion of the Year - 4/13/2011
Left to right, Jon Goldstein (Lion of the Year 2009), Christine Thompson (Lion of the Year 2010), Mahlon Thompson (Lion of the Year 1984)

Left to right, 2nd Vice District Governor John Kobland, President Dave Shaffer, District Governor Michael Hsing, celebration cake

Meeting 2/16/2011
Guest speaker Eliza Stasi of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

Boy Scout Meeting 2/2/2011
Guest speaker Bart Jackson gave a presentation on travel

2010 Pancake Breakfast Video

Meeting 11/03/10

George Connolly IV, Fran Stewart and Laura Labassi will show a slide presentation and speak about the Presbyterian Church's annual medical mission to Guatemala.

Cranbury Day 2010 - View a video.
Date Night FUNraiser at Gil and Bert's was held on Aug. 25, 2010.

Cranbury Barn Project - View slideshow.
Photos left to right, President Dave Shaffer, history found in the barn, Lions hard at work, historic barn.

50 Year Award
Bill Eller received his 50 year award from Immediate Past President John Kobland.

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Day - 6/27/2010

Hightstown House

2010 Memorial Day Post-Parade Ceremony. Hear speech by Lion John Kobland, Immediate Past President of Cranbury Lions Club

Meeting 4/21/2010
Left to right, Jon Goldstein received Lion of the Year Award from President John Kobland and Frank Marlowe, Dean Koehler received Melvin Jones Fellowship Award from President John Kobland, DG Jim Dougherty provided an update on our District level activities.

Meeting 12/19/08

This meeting was the annual Cranbury Lions Holiday party held at Charlie Brown's in Kingston.  Here are some pictures of the revelers:

Pancake Breakfast 12/7/08

The Cranbury Lions held their annual Pancake breakfast.  Below are some scenes:

Meeting 12/3/08

The annual Peace Poster contest winners were in attendance tonight at the Lions meeting:

1st Place: Paige Metzheiser (with Bob Virgadamo and John Haney)

2nd Place: Kate Sohn (with Bob Virgadamo)

3rd Place: Haley DeSimone (with Bob Virgadamo and John Haney)

Here all the winners are shown with the Cranbury School Art Teacher Mrs. Woronczuk:

The winners here also pose with the Lions President Mike Kaiser and Peace Poster sponsor Lion Bob Virgadamo


Meeting 6/4/08

It was a busy meeting tonight.  First, Cranbury School Chief Administrator (and Lion) John Haney receives a check from the Lions for the Quest program at the Cranbury School:

Doug Diamond is inducted as a new Lion.  District Governor Bob Virgadamo performed the ceremony, and is accompanied by Lions President Mike Kaiser, and sponsor Jon Goldstein:

State Senator Bill Baroni addressed the Lions tonight:

The student awards were presented tonight.

Thomas Hellstern received the Doc Tudor Scholarship.  He is congratulated by both Club President Mike Kaiser and State Senator Bill Baroni:


Sarah Gordon received both the Todd Beamer Scholarship and the Stan Thomas Community Service Award.  She is congratulated as well by both Club President Mike Kaiser and State Senator Bill Baroni:

Memorial Day Parade 5/26/08

The day was perfect for a parade this year:

Meeting 5/7/08

Tonight 2 new Melvin Jones Fellows were announced:

Elaine Homoky Ed Lawson (Progressive)

Also 2 new members were inducted:

The Lions are DG Bob Virgadamo (performed the induction ceremony), Monty Hagerty (sponsor), John Gartner (new Lion), John Haney (new Lion), Jon Goldstein (sponsor), and Mike Kaiser (President)

Lions Day at the UN - 3/14/08

Cranbury Lions Club President Mike Kaiser brought a number of Boy Scouts to the United Nations to explore the facility and meet international people:

Meeting 4/16/08

Tonight was the Lions Awards night at the E. Brunswick Chateau.

District Governor Bob Virgadamo made his official visit to the Cranbury Lions:

The following people received Perfect Attendance pins:

Bob Virgadamo Andre Mento Dave Shaffer Tom Reilly Alex Johnson George Smith

The big award - Lion of the Year - was given to Jeff Grundy:

The following Cranbury Lions were named Melvin Jones fellows:

Bob Virgadamo
(2nd time recipient!)
Jon Goldstein Jeff Grundy
Meeting 3/19/08

Sarnoff Librarian, Alex Magoon. gave the the Cranbury Lions an interesting talk on the "Farnsworth Invention" (TV):

Meeting 2/20/08

Lion Richard Stannard put on his hat as Township Committee person to provide the Club with a view of the State of Cranbury:

Meeting 2/6/08

This may very well have been the most number of people ever to attend a Cranbury Lions Club meeting.  It was scout night, and the Lions guest speaker was Astronaut Dr. Gregory H. Olsen
(see Wikipedia entry:

Meeting 1/16/08

Tonight Fitness expert, Bill DiSimone, gave the Cranbury Lions an overview of fitness alternatives:

Meeting 1/2/08

Cranbury Lion Bob Virgadamo represented District 16D in his official capacity as District Governor, urging Change.  DG Bob Presents Cranbury Lion President Mike Kaiser, and Secretary George Smith with commemorative pins:

Meeting 12/19/07

Tonight, the Cranbury Winners in the Peace Poster contest were presented to the Lions (certificates were presented by Lion Bob Virgadamo):

1st Place was Haley DiSimone:

2nd Place was Angela Cao:

3rd Place was Katie Sohn:

Here are all of the winners together:

Holiday Party 12/07/07

Tonight was the Lions annual Holiday party, held at Charlie Brown's in Kingston:

Meeting 11/22/07

Today the Lions held the first breakfast meeting in recent memory at Teddy's Restaurant.

The Cranbury Lions club President Mike Kaiser took the opportunity to recognize the owner, Teddy Nikitiades, for his many years of support to the Lions club:

Meeting + Wine Making 11/07/07

The Lions held their regular meeting at the Grape Escape to extract the liquid and place it into barrels for fermentation:

Wine Making 10/25/07

The Lions had a special get-together to begin another wine making project at the Grape Escape in South Brunswick.  Tonight was the initial wine-press:

Meeting 10/17/07

Nutritionist Annette Lockett explained to the Lions a number of alternatives that are available for better diet and health:

Meeting 10/03/07

The speaker at the meeting tonight was Tom Petrino, a professional antiques appraiser.  Many of the Lions brought pieces to the meeting that Mr. Petrino examined and provided feedback on his findings:

Meeting 09/19/07

The World Affairs seminar attendee for the Cranbury Lions, Zara Stasi. gave a report to the Lions on her experiences:

Cranbury Day 09/08/07

This year was yet another beautiful day for Cranbury Day, and the Lions were selling lots of burgers and chicken sandwiches:

Meeting 09/05/07

John Haney, the newly appointed Chief Administrator of the Cranbury School district, spoke to the Cranbury Lions on the state of the Cranbury School system:

Meeting 08/15/07

Multiple Lions award winner, Laurel Kanawyer, gave a talk to the Lions about her experiences in Washington state, with emphasis on the time she spends at a local aquarium:

Meeting 07/18/07

The Lions welcomed Megan Hayden who gave a talk about the Children of Peru program (Flourish Peru) she has been leading.  She told the Lions about the great impact their $300 contribution has made to the children.

75th Anniversary 06/23/07

The Cranbury Lions held their 75th anniversary celebration at Forsgate in Monroe.  These are some pictures from the event:

Meeting 06/06/07

Lion John Kobland presented retiring Cranbury School Chief Administrator (and Lion) Carol Malouf with a plaque of appreciation

Mike Kaiser presented the annual student awards tonight:

Zara Stasi was selected to attend the World Affairs Seminar in Wisconsin:

Joseph M. Carroll III was awarded the Todd Beamer Scholarship:

Ashley Cukier was awarded the Stan Thomas Award:

Memorial Day Parade 5/28/07

Following are scenes from the annual Cranbury Memorial Day parade sponsored by the Cranbury Lions:

Meeting 5/16/07

Dr. Angus Gillespie from Rutgers University gave the Cranbury Lions a lecture on American Folklore, using the audio example of a ballad.

Meeting 5/2/07

Author David Mercaldo revisited the Cranbury Lions tonight to talk about his latest book, "Seamstress"

Meeting 4/28/07

The Cranbury Lions and South Brunswick Lions held a joint meeting at the Chateau in E. Brunswick.  It was spouse night, as well as the announcement of the Lion of the Year (won by your humble Web guy)

Meeting 4/4/07

Tonight's speakers were Carl Carter and Dina Toth, who gave a presentation on the Greater Mercer Ride Provide organization. This company provides low-cost transportation to Mercer County Seniors and Blind people.

Meeting 3/14/07

The Cranbury Lions and Hightstown/E. Windsor Lions held a joint meeting at Mom's Diner in Hightstown:

The speaker was Carol Nelson on the subject of the Underground Railroad Quilts, and their role in helping slaves escape to freedom:

Meeting 3/7/07

Tonight's speaker was Rock Alcantara, representing Eden W.E.R.C.S, a facility that provides services for adults and children with autism (

75th Anniversary Event 2/25/07

The Cranbury Lions 75th Anniversary committee held a "Connector Party" at Lion Andre Mento's residence.  A number of Township leader came by to support the event and provide suggestions:

Meeting 2/21/07

Cranbury Lions President Rick Burke thanks Cranbury Station Owner Ianni Bardis for his years of support to the Cranbury Lions Club:

On tonight's annual Scout Night, Rick Burke presents Scoutmasters John Kirkenir and Jerry Yochelson a donation check from the Cranbury Lions:

Meeting 2/7/07

The Lions finished up the Wine bottling tonight - 300 for the 75th Anniversary in June

Meeting 1/3/07

Lion John Kobland read original poetry to the Lions tonight:

You can listen to the reading here

Meeting 12/6/06

All the Peace Poster contest winners were in attendance at the Lions meeting tonight. Below are Lions Peace Poster committee chair Bob Virgadamo, with Cranbury School Art Teacher Tamara Woronczuk, First Place winner Natalie Cassidy, Second Place winner Emma Lorash, and Third Place winner Madison Andres

Our speakers tonight were Ryan Dworzanski and Paul Lindenfeld from the Cranbury Police department.  They discussed the Community Emergency Response Team program in Cranbury.

Lion Frank Marlowe is helping Ruth Holroyd fill out a Lions club membership application

Meeting 11/15/06

The Cranbury Lions Peace Poster Contest winner was announced as Natalie Cassidy.  Lion Bob Virgadamo holds the winning poster:

Our speaker was Paul Ritz who gave another interesting account of the JFK assassination to the Cranbury Lions:

Meeting 11/1/06

Tonight, Patrick Finn gave the Lions a presentation on his experience at this year's World Affairs Seminar

Meeting 10/4/06

Sue Dunning, President of Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Mercer County described the current mission and status of the program.

For more information, please visit:

Meeting 9/20/06

Current Lions Club President Rick Burke presents the Past-President pin to Alex Johnson:

Tonight's speakers were Eric Chernikovich and Karissa Silva of New York Sports Club in Princeton.  They discussed the value of exercise for improving wellness for a lifetime:

Meeting - 8/2/06

This was again a special meeting held at the Grape Escape in South Brunswick.  The Lions are planning to provide special bottles of wine at the 75th Anniversary celebration.  Tonight the Lions participated in the next step in making the wine - taking the wine from the barrel and removing most of the sediment.  This is the last step before bottling.

Trenton Thunder 50/50 - 6/23/06

Tonight several members of the Cranbury Lions made several hundred dollars for the Club by selling 50/50 tickets at the Trenton Thunder's baseball game:

Meeting - 6/7/06

President Alex Johnson presents Cranbury School Chief Administrator Carol Malouf a check to support the Quest Program:

Lion Mike Kaiser presented a number of students the annual Lions Scholarship awards as follows:

Vrajesh Modi
Stan Thomas Award
Nicole Vesalavage
Todd Beamer Scholarship
Mario Fiorentini
David Tudor Scholarship
Patrick Finn
World Affairs Seminar

Alex Johnson gives Jeff Grundy a special award for Lions service:

The speaker tonight was Mike Casper of the DEA Polygraph unit.  He explained how lie-detectors work, then did a live trial with Lion Jon Goldstein:

Memorial Day 5/29/06

Today was another Cranbury Memorial Day parade sponsored by the Cranbury Lions:

Meeting 5/3/06

This was a special meeting held at the Grape Escape in South Brunswick.  The Lions are planning to provide special bottles of wine at the 75th Anniversary celebration.  Tonight the Lions participated in the first step in making the wine - processing the source grapes into their first vat.

Meeting 4/19/06

Tonight was the annual Spring Fling where the Cranbury Lions announces their award-winning Lions for the year

Mike Kaiser was named the Cranbury Lions, "Lion of the Year":

There were also 3 Melvin Jones recipients named tonight.

Walt Caldwell
(with sponsor Bob Virgadamo and District Governor Eddie Hui)
Don Herr
(with sponsor George Smith and District Governor Eddie Hui)
Andre Mento
(with sponsor Glenn Johnson and District Governor Eddie Hui)

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