Fun Cranbury Facts

Here are some interesting facts we've collected about Cranbury!

  1. The Cranbury Inn is haunted by several human and several animal ghosts.
  2. In Orson Welles' 1938 radio broadcast War of the Worlds, the aliens supposedly landed in Grover's Mill. (Grover's Mill is one town over from Cranbury). The story that circulated around Cranbury in the 1940's was that, sometime in the early 1930's, Orson had spent a few months in a fairly isolated cabin out near Grover's Mills, that he became very familiar with the terrrain for miles around, and as a result decided to locate his radio drama in that area. (Thanks to Al Harris for this information :-)
  3. The state's largest PawPaw tree is in Cranbury! The tree grows in the CHA lot between #10 and #14 Maplewood Avenue.
  4. The 97.5 WPST morning radio host, Chris Rollins, lives in Cranbury. Or at least she lived her entire life in Cranbury up to a few months ago.
  5. Mr. Harold O'Neil and Mrs. Winnie Stahl stores both sold penny candy to many youngsters during the early 1900's. -- Submitted by David J. Christiansen, CLP Director Parks, Recreation & Golf City of Idaho Falls

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Information on this page was originally printed in the April 1998 edition of Cranbury Today.