Early Cranbury Inns

In 1686 George Rescarrick secured a " warrant to survey 300 acres to conduct a house of entertainment for strangers and travellers " on the Great Post Road at Cranberry Brook and Millstone River. When Rescarrick died in Cranberry in 1713 he owned among other things " a silver tankard, one dozen spoons and a cup, also seven slaves." His tavern had " three rooms on a floor, also a barn, stable and other outhouses, a large orchard, and about sixty to seventy acres of woodland."

A Post House to supply horses on George's Road between New York and Philadelphia was run by John Predmore in 1751. (See Ad below). One famous visitor who changed horses in Cranbury  in 1804 was Aaron Burr when he fled south after his fatal duel with Alexander Hamilton. On this occasion Aaron had been driven by Commodore Thomas Truxton.

The present Cranbury Inn area was owned by innkeeper, Richard Handley, a Colonel of the 3rd Regt. Calvary, N. J. Milita. In 1800 Peter Perrine built his home next to Handley's Tavern. This house was converted in 1808 by Capt. Timothy Horner, who called it the United States Hotel. In 1920 the area was renamed the Cranbury Inn.

The Cranbury Inn

OCTOBER 1st 1753

NOTICE is hereby given to all Persons that are inclinable to transport themselves, Goods, Wares, and Merchandize, from the City of New York to the City of Philadelphia. that they may have the Opportunity of obliging themselves that Way, twice a Week, Wind and Weather permiting:DANIEL O'BRYANT, with a commodious StageBoat. well fitted for that Purpose, will attend at the White-Hall Slip, near the Half-Moon Battery, at the House of Scots Johnny, in New York, in order to receive Goods and Passengers on Saturday and Wednesday; and on Mondays and Thursdays will set out, and proceed with them to Perth Amboy Ferry, where is kept a good Stage-Waggon ready to receive them, who will on Tuesday and Friday Mornings, set out and proceed with them to the House of John Predmore in Cranberry, where there is kept a fresh Set of Horses and Driver, who immediately proceeds with them the same Day,. to the House of Jonathan Thomas, in Burlington, where there is kept a commodious Stage-Boat waiting for their Reception, Patrick Cowan, Master, who immediately sets out and proceeds with them to the City of Philadeliphia.


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